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Discover the Benefits of an Energy Efficient Hot Tub

by | Jul 19, 2023

Saving Energy, Saving Money

Hot tubs and spas are relaxing and luxurious. They provide an escape from everyday stresses, allowing you to unwind and rejuvenate. As global awareness of energy consumption and environmental impact increases, we must consider the energy efficiency of aquatic retreats.

Choosing an energy efficient model can make a difference in reducing your carbon footprint and saving money. Here’s a fact sheet to help you navigate energy efficient hot tubs.

Insulation is key

Look for models with heat-locking insulation like perimeter insulation. Good insulation retains heat and minimizes energy loss, keeping your hot tub at the right temperature. Perimeter insulation leverages the residual heat from energy efficient motors that is trapped inside the cabinet. By not putting insulation on the shell, perimeter insulation allows for ambient heat from the pump to penetrate the spa shell and help heat the water. Recycling waste heat into the system works better and allows the components to make better use of energy in the system. Saving energy and money.

Discover the Benefits of an Energy Efficient Hot Tub
Discover the Benefits of an Energy Efficient Hot Tub

Energy efficient pumps and motors

The pump and motor system are crucial. When sourcing the most energy efficient hot tub or spa, two factors stand at the forefront for consideration – water flow and efficiency. We want great water flow to provide the best massage possible. On the other hand, we want to do this while consuming the least amount of power. 

Look for hot tub models that draw minimal amperage yet produce an extremely high volume of water flow. It always comes back to engineering. Quality engineering always results in better performance and efficiency.

LED lighting

Many modern hot tubs have energy efficient LED lighting. These lights create ambiance and consume less electricity than traditional lighting.


Efficient filtration systems

Hot tubs need proper filtration. Higher flow rates during filtration do a much better job of pulling contaminants into the filter media. Look for models with advanced filtration systems like ozone or saltwater systems that require less energy and chemicals.


Programmable controls

Invest in hot tubs with programmable controls and intelligent water care systems. They allow you to set operating times and temperatures, optimizing energy usage and reducing waste. Look for a system that is able to provide real-time water analysis with sensors that constantly monitor the water quality, transmitting the data to an app on your phone. When the water is properly balanced and maintained, the filtration system doesn’t have to work as hard to remove impurities, resulting in reduced energy consumption.


Cover it up

A good cover is essential. It traps heat, prevents evaporation, and reduces the energy needed to maintain temperature. Get a high-quality, well-fitted cover for maximum energy efficiency.


Energy-saving economy modes

Some hot tubs offer energy-saving economy modes that automatically adjust settings during periods of inactivity. These modes save energy and money without compromising performance. If you’re going to be out of town or simply not going to be using your hot tub for 2 or more days at a stretch, consider setting your hot tub to economy mode which allows you to set the temperature lower. If you will be gone for a long time or during the warm summer months, turning off your heater entirely or setting the temperature as low as possible are great ways to save energy.

Choosing an energy efficient hot tub or spa benefits both the environment and your wallet. Consider insulation, efficient pumps and motors, LED lighting, advanced filtration, programmable controls, and energy-saving modes. Make an informed decision that aligns with your sustainability goals and lets you enjoy the relaxation guilt-free.

An energy efficient hot tub or spa offers luxury and contributes to a better planet. Dive into the world of energy efficiency and choose a hot tub that’s both indulgent and environmentally friendly.