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What You Need To Know Before Shopping For Your Hot Tub

by | Mar 2, 2023

Adding a hot tub in your home? The process of making any major purchase can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have a plan. Here are our recommendations to help reduce overwhelm and ensure you make the right choice.


Get your Feet Wet Before You Make a Purchase

Start your hot tub-buying journey by visiting a showroom near you. It is possible that you will want to visit more than one showroom. Hot tub dealers typically have models on display for customers to test out. They call this a Wet Test. You’ll just need to call in advance and set up a private time when you’ll go and take a dip. Reserve a free hot tub test today at your local dealer and check out your investment before you take it home.


Seek Expert Advice

Purchasing a hot tub from a locally owned store gives you the best value. Local Hot Tub stores have specially trained product experts who are eager to answer all your questions and help you find the perfect hot tub. Despite their wide selection of products, big-box stores may lack the knowledge of local hot tub stores.

Exercise caution if you are the type of buyer who waits for hot tub expos. Many of these events are known for using high-pressure sales tactics that can be misleading.


Ask for References

A reputable hot tub dealer will have an endless list of customers who have shopped with them and were satisfied with their services. Upon request, they can connect you with happy customers to share their experiences.

Big box stores don’t keep track of their customers, so you’re unlikely to get any referrals from them. Moreover, it’s impossible to establish a loyal customer list at hot tub expos and events since people leave town as quickly as they arrive.


Research Online, But Don’t Buy There

Today, most of us do thorough research online before making a purchase. Knowing as much as you can about hot tubs can help you make an informed purchase decision. If you decide to buy from an online dealer, you won’t be able to inspect the hot tub to ensure its quality.

If you buy a hot tub online at a massive discount, you may end up with a low-quality tub. You may also be lured by the low upfront costs to buy a hot tub that is more expensive when you add-on features.


Buying Someone’s Used Tub Can Be Costly

Maybe you saw some great deals on Craig’s List or Kijiji and thought this was your chance to save some money. Usually, used hot tubs on these sites are on sale because they are too expensive to heat, or they can’t get the water clean. If you want to buy used, but avoid inheriting all the troubles, consider buying a reconditioned hot tub (with warranty) from a reliable dealer.

Most second-hand tubs found on various websites are there for a reason, and usually not a good one. Save time and headaches by shopping for a hot tub at your local hot tub store. Save time and headaches by shopping for a hot tub at your local hot tub store.

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