Activeskim Filtration

Clean and Crisp Spa Water

Seamless Surface Skimming

Our widest range of filter customization

At Arctic Spas®, we believe the key to an effortlessly relaxing spa experience lies in innovative filter technology. Water level adaptability, a wide range of user customization, and a prolonged life span are central themes in the ongoing development of our patented filter development.

We know that a wide array of factors affect filter use and performance, which is why we have expanded our filter line to include the perfect option for every spa. Regardless of bather load, source water quality, or spa water level, Arctic Spas® has developed an ideal filter for your specific, ever-changing needs.

With single or dual Activeskim filtration technology, our systems are constantly drawing surface contaminants down into filter media while simultaneously adapting to fluctuating water levels. Not only does this adaptability maintain powerful surface skimming, it also prevents particles from being released back into your spa as this system will never be fully submerged in hot tub water. By choosing to incorporate Activeskim filters that are water level adjustable, you can take comfort in knowing that your hot tub will always be clean, fresh, and clear of surface level particles.

User Programmability for Premium Control

All Arctic Spas® come standard with an adjustable filter cycle system, programmable from 1 to 24 hours of run time. By utilizing Arctic Spas’ exclusive Aquaflow pumps, a low run speed works with high water flow and energy efficiency to offer around-the-clock water filtration without surging energy bills.

Silver Sentinel 1 Micron Filters

Filter Silver Sentinel
These depth filters trap particles within the filter media and offer the additional benefit of embedded nano silver internal coating.

Trapping particles all the way down to 1 Micron level in size, Silver Sentinel Filters offer the highest level of filtration while also being disposable and recyclable. Additionally, all Silver Sentinel Filters eliminate the need for many auxiliary de-foaming, clarifiers, filter cleaners and coagulating chemicals as are required in traditional filtration systems.

Compact Pleated Filter

Filter compact

These simple but effective filters quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly clean your spa water after periods of high use, or low maintenance. Additionally, their environmentally friendly design allows these filters to be rinsed and reused while remaining at an affordable price point.

Simply keep a Compact Pleated Filter on hand, and use it whenever you hope to have a sparkling weekend of entertainment!

Microfiber Filters

Filter Resuce

This dual model provides all the fine filtration capabilities of the Compact Pleated Filter, with the versatility of a reusable bag filter.

Featuring a microfiber catch basin, this filter can easily handle high-loads of debris created by increased spa use, without requiring the frequent replacement of its pleated filter portion.