Total Access™

Complete Ease of Entry

Unimpeded Spa Access

Maintaining a vast and open cabinet space

Total Access™ cabinetry offers more than just easy access to your spa. This innovative feature also provides revolutionary two-way heat transfer to allow the ambient heat from your hot tub’s internal elements to assist in warming your spa water. By not including an unnecessary barrier of insulation to the underside of your shell, Arctic Spas® has been able to utilize the Total Access™ design in crafting energy efficient models that won’t send your bills skyrocketing in colder months.

This innovative feature also offers the right insulation in the right places, helping to maintain an open and vast cabinet space. Instead of burying internal components in layers of thick and bulky spray foam, the Total Access™ design uses insulation along the walls, trim, and base of your spa, making all pumps, valves, and motors easily accessible for internal upgrades. With Total Access™ you can enjoy non-invasive, onsite maintenance capabilities that do not compromise the integrity of your hot tub.

Gone are the days of costly and cumbersome spa repairs, compromising insulation and requiring the removal of entire walls. Explore the difference of Total Access™ and its unparalleled freeze protection, ease of maintenance, and simple entry to your hot tub.

Arctic Spas Total Access Core series Grizzly

CORE - Total Access

Arctic Spas top view of the Core Series Grizzly model

CORE - Grizzly